The Wide, Wide World (They Tell Me There Are Dangers)

Here’s a relatively less common hymn but it has a very applicable message. For more information visit:

Lyrics: C. S. Meily
Music: W. O. Cushing

They tell me there are dangers,
In the path my feet must tread;
But they cannot see the glory,
That is shinning round my head.

Oh, tis Jesus leads my footsteps!
He has made my heart his own.
For I would dare to journey
Thro’ the wide wide world alone.

They tell me life has trials,
And the fairest hopes must flee;
But I trust my all in Jesus,
And I know He cares for me.

I know my heart is sinful,
And my love seems all too small;
But if Jesus’ arm is round me,
I shall win and conquer all.

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