At Early Morn All Nature Worship Thee

Here’s a lovely Chinese hymn that we sang this Resurrection Sunday morning. Hope you like it.




Author: Chao Tzuch`en (1931)

Rise to greet the sun,
Reddening in the sky,
Warrior-like and strong,
Comely as a groom;
Birds pass high in flight,
Fragrant flowers now bloom;
With Thy gracious light,
I my toil resume.

Father, I implore,
Safely keep this child;
Make my conduct good,
Actions calm and mild:
Venerating age,
Humbly teaching youth,
Always serving Thee,
Sharing Thy rich Truth.

May this day be blest;
Trusting Jesus’ love,
My heart’s freed from ill,
Fair blue sky’s above.
Glad for cotton coat,
Plain food satisfies;
All my countless needs,
Thy kind hand supplies.

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