Psalm 42

Here’s another original hymn which is based on Psalm 42. May the tune and lyrics of this hymn be of great comfort to you.

Lyrics and Music: N. H.

My tears have been my meat day and night;
Troubles come like waves of the sea,
But Thy lovingkindness doth not cease;
And Thy song is ever with me.

I pour my prayers unto Thee, Lord –
Thou art my Rock, the God of my life,
I hope in Thee and in Thy Word;
My lips shall praise Thee for Thy help.

Thou givest and Thou takest away,
I will bless Thy name, come what may;
I’ll gladly yield my all to Thee –
Thy grace alone is sufficient for me.

To live is Christ, to die is gain;
Only let Thy will be done;
If I should live another day;
Or see Thy face in heav’n for aye.

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