Old, Yet Ever New

Lyrics and Music: William A. Williams

There is a story sweet to hear,
I love to tell it too:
It fills my heart with hope and cheer,
‘Tis old, yet ever new.

Tis old, yet ever new;
Tis old, yet ever new;
I know, I feel it’s true:
Tis old, yet ever new.

They tell me God the Son came down
From his bright throne to die,
That I might wear a starry crown,
And dwell with him on high.

They say he bore the cross for me,
And suffered in my place,
That I might always happy be,
And ransomed by his grace.

O wondrous love! so great, so vast,
So boundless and so free!
Low at thy feet my all I cast;
I covet only thee.

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