Holy Spirit While We Bend

The link above is a voice and acoustic piano version (sung by Biboy).

Lyrics: G. W. Crofts
Music: John P. Hillis

Holy Spirit, while we bend,
Graciously on us descend;
Like a gentle dove appear
To each waiting spirit here.

Holy Spirit, come within,
Crucify this heart of sin,
Let it die upon the cross
With its soul defiling dross.

Holy Spirit, life provide
For the heart thus crucified,
Let it break the bonds of death
By the power of Thy breath.

Holy Spirit, I would be
Filled, yea, wholly filled by Thee;
Come with overflowing love,
Let me Thy sweet presence prove.

Holy Spirit, heav’n on earth,
Seal me with celestial birth;
Bear me on Thy wings of love
To my blissful home above.

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