Thanks to God

This sacred song is another Swedish heritage. There is so much gratitude, warmth of text and a folk-like quality in the music that appeals to any believer. “Thanks to God!” is one of the most popular Swedish hymns that found its way into many evangelical hymnals.

August Ludvig Storm was born on October, 1862, in Motala, and converted to Christ in a Salvation Army meeting. He joined the Salvation Army Corps and became one of its leading officers. He wrote this hymn’s text for the Army publication, Stridsropet (The War Cry), on December 5, 1891. The Original Swedish version had four stanzas, with each verse beginning with the word ‘tack’ (thanks,” having a total of thirty-two “thanks” in all.) The gratitude expressed to God ranges from the “dark and dreary fall” to the “pleasant, balmy springtime,” and “pain” as well as “pleasure.”

Storm suffered a back ailment at the age of 37 that left him crippled for life but he continued to administer his Salvation Army duties until his death. A year before his death, he wrote another poem in which he thanked God for the years of calm as well as pain.

Storm’s text later appeared in the Swedish Salvation Army songbook with a Welsh tune. It wasn’t until 1910, when J.A. Hultman included the text with his own tune in the publication Solskenssonger, that the hymn became popular, both in Sweden and in the U.S.

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We sang this in church today. It’s a great hymn which reminds us to be grateful to our omnipotent God and provider.

Lyrics: August Ludvig Storm
Music:  John Alfred Hultman

Thanks, O God, for boundless mercy
From Thy gracious throne above
Thanks for ev’ry need provided
From the fullness of Thy love
Thanks for daily toil and labour
And for rest when shadows fall
Thanks for love of friend and neighbour
And Thy goodness unto all

Thanks for thorns as well as roses
Thanks for weakness and for health
Thanks for clouds as well as sunshine
Thanks for poverty and wealth!
Thanks for pain as well as pleasure
All Thou sendest day by day
And Thy Word our dearest treasure
Shedding light upon our way

Thanks, O God, for home and fireside
Where we share our daily bread
Thanks for hours of sweet communion
When by Thee our souls are fed!
Thanks for grace in time of sorrow
And for joy and peace in Thee
Thanks for hope today, tomorrow
And for all eternity!

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