Someday He’ll Make It Plain

Piano and Voice version
Credits: Biboy (voice)

Lyrics: Lida Shivers Leech
Music: Adam Geibel

I do not know why oft ’round me
My hopes all shattered seem to be;
God’s perfect plan I cannot see,
But someday I’ll understand.

Someday He’ll make it plain to me,
Someday when I His face shall see;
Someday from tears I shall be free,
For someday I shall understand.

I cannot tell the depth of love
Which moves the Father’s heart above,
My faith to test, my love to prove,
But someday I’ll understand.

Tho’ trials come thru passing days,
My life will still be filled with praise;
For God will lead thru darkened ways,
But someday I’ll understand.


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