Basic Piano Hymn Playing Course


I was brought up as a classical pianist. All I knew how to do was to ready musical notation and follow what was written precisely. I knew very little about improvisation. After much experimentation and hours of practise, I finally figured out a way to improvise around simply melodies.

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I love playing hymns and they reflect much of the Christian faith, so I came up with this Basic Piano Hymn Playing course, which describes how to play hymns in a style that is not too solemn and not too frivolous at the same time.

Within an hour, you can watch and listen to how I improvise popular hymns straight from the hymnal. I placed the camera facing down on the keyboard, so what you see and hear is almost exactly what I would as well.


This course is meant for pianists who already have some understanding of how to read and play musical notation and wish to improve their piano improvisation skills. However, if you wish to just download mp3 piano hymns to listen for yourselves or to accompany your congregational singing, you are most welcome to do so at my website

God Bless.

Christopher Tan

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