Mind Your Music!

Author: Rev (Dr) Tow Siang Hwa from Calvary-Pandan BP Church, Singapore http://www.calvarypandan.org

Ps 104: 24-35
Col 3: 16-17

One of the most effective ways of polluting the mind is through music. Our adversary (that wily and crafty customer) uses it to maximum advantage. Last generation it was through swing and jazz. Now, it is pop and rock. With the media explosion of TV, Hi-fi, tapes and video, the air waves are bombarded round the clock with a torrent of filth and mental garbage, available to anybody anywhere at the touch of a switch.

Believing parents and children, we go to great lengths to safeguard our physical well being with every sort of health protective, inoculations, immunizations. Pause a moment and think: What protective measures have we taken to safeguard our mental and spiritual well being? The famous latin proverb says “Mens sana in corpore sano,” meaning to say, “A sound mind in a sound body.” This is so important for us to understand for an Olympic strong man or athlete can be reduced to a physical wreck by drug abuse in a matter of weeks. Similarly, sex abuse can rapidly destroy a morally healthy young person.

Music today has taken on sinister and subversive overtones. A multi-billion dollar industry is churning out red hot top tunes, charged with immoral, suggestive and seductive messages, souped-up with booming soul-stimulating decibels and big drum beats. The target: millions of unwary, pleasure-seeking young people looking for excitement and kicks, drugs and sex. Exposed to the overwhelming barrage of sensuous sounds, many a young person are hooked, and taken as lambs to the slaughter.

Even more noxious, certain rock tapes have hidden occult messages and Satanic signals which come through when played in reverse – an eerie and spine-chilling experience. The devil is running to and fro seeking victims for his kingdom of bondage and death.

It is high time for Christian young people and parents to take stern action against the wiles of the devil. Let us employ the strictest censorship of all musical programmes and tapes, to exclude doubtful or harmful material. Those in our homes, personal libraries, and private collections should be destroyed by fire, to put an end to Satanic mind-washing. Out with immoral pop and rock!

Let our homes be filled with God-honouring music and songs of the Heavenly Kingdom. A Christian’s music should bring glory to God’s name.

Keynote: Sing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.
Prayer: Lord, teach me the songs of Heaven which honour Thee.


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